"Nature knows no right or wrong only balance and imbalance. Full Fathom embodies this statement as a vehicle to balance the individual in tune with what is natural for optimal health. No matter what your arena, Full Fathom will enhance your health and life."

David Wright, Ph.D., PGA

"Full Fathom has correctly identified that mental and physical wellness are one. Full Fathom’s founders’ emotional intelligence, professional background in psychology and psychiatry respectively along with their experiences in physical fitness, nutrition, education, and personal relationships make them uniquely qualified and ideally positioned to help others succeed in the aspects so important in the journey to optimal health and balance."

Adam Paulen

"To achieve mental and physical wellness, one size does not fit all. The founders of Full Fathom understand this and have therefore charted an outside-of-the-box approach to helping others. Their rare ability to connect with anyone who steps in their path, and to appreciate the subtle differences and needs of each individual epitomizes the mission of Full Fathom."

Josh Abramson

"Full Fathom has empowered me by providing the knowledge necessary to become my own guide in the journey to natural health and balance."

Danielle Russo

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