About Full Fathom

"The part can never be well unless the whole is well." –Plato

Mohab Hanna, M.D. and Alexander Wright, Psy.D., are a union of separate professional parts and backgrounds that have come together to create a whole with the inception and evolution of Full Fathom.

Dr. Hanna, with a specialty in Psychiatry, and Dr. Wright with a specialty in Psychology, bring a truly unique flavor and expertise to the health and wellness world. Both Dr. Hanna and Dr. Wright have thrived in private clinical practice educating and treating thousands of individuals in their personal journeys towards optimal health and balance.

In their experiences, they also clearly hear and understand the pervasive need and request for guidance in what it genuinely means to live well and healthy. The response to this need and request inspired Dr. Hanna and Dr. Wright to begin a more comprehensive and involved conversation about health and wellness. They are intent on making lives better via the powerful benefits of nutrition, exercise, and other natural healing resources and practices. The healthy and balanced union of the separate parts of body and mind result in the whole achievement of optimal health.

Full Fathom’s vision is to vitalize others and share an experience in mind and body balance and wellness.

Our Mission

Full Fathom embodies the power of Sea Change, the profound transformation that takes place when we become aware of the inherent gifts and resources we have within us and around us. The pace of life, the increasing shifts in our environment, and the subsequent negative impacts on health metaphorically translates to a feeling of being lost at sea. But are we lost? Or are we ready for transformation? Our health is as important as the coral to the ocean and as treasured as the oyster’s pearl. Full Fathom will guide you in your transformation and journey to optimal physical and emotional wellness. Sea Change. Be Change.

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